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Our Farming Approach

Polka Pastures is named after Jessie's grandparents who had 100's of polka records in the house when we moved to the family's farmhouse.

Polka Pastures is a family owned 90+ acre farm in Hubbard, Ohio and was founded in 2016 by Will and Jessie Holland. Jessie is a geologist/teacher/mother/prankster who enjoys rocks, baking, canning, growing flowers, and bejeweling things. Will is an engineer who loves being on the farm, watching the plants and animals grow, and cooking up home grown meals.

We aim to grow high quality meats, vegetables, and fruits that are good for your health, the environment, and the community. We are incorporating regenerative agriculture methods to grow food, build soil, and conserve the natural world. We practice rotational grazing with cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys across our pasture. Our market garden is managed with cover crops and no-till methods and lots of good compost. The animals on our farm are raised without antibiotics or hormones and our garden and pastures are fertilized with manure and compost rather than synthetic fertilizers. We also stay away from herbicide, fungicide, and pesticides. We are not certified organic but aim for that level of care with the land and animals we are responsible for. 

Contact us for a tour to see for yourself how we do it! Come out and try our fresh pastured eggs,

grass fed beef, or fresh vegetables to see the difference in quality.

About Us: Our Farm
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